Pricing Strategies of Private Liberal Arts Colleges


Are you interested in pursuing a private liberal arts education, but are scared off by the high price tag? It’s true that most liberal arts colleges have high “sticker prices,” but you shouldn’t be scared off by this. The truth is, many liberal arts colleges offer hefty scholarships, grants and other financial aid that a […]

What You Should Know About Student Debt

2012 Low and High Debt States

Student debt has grown exponentially in the last couple of decades to a point where many families are actively seeking options and alternatives to reduce their share of school loans. In 2012, 68 percent of all students graduating from four-year, not-for-profit public and private universities graduated with an average of $27,850 of debt per student. […]

Will a Liberal Arts Education Pay for Itself?

College Campus View

Are you attracted to the humanities, but aren’t sure if a liberal arts education will pay for itself? A degree in liberal arts will set you up for a wide range of employment opportunities and careers. This is especially helpful in a tough economy where you need a wide range of options. What Does a […]

Comparing the Liberal Arts College Experience to Other Options

Ivy League vs Liberal Arts

Are you looking for the liberal arts college experience, or would you prefer to go to a state school or large university? Liberal arts colleges have a unique flavor, and they offer some special perks that larger colleges and universities don’t provide. Of course, every liberal arts college is different, but in general, they offer […]

Are College Entrance Exams Flawed?

Claremont McKenna

Most students know they will spend at least some of their time studying for a college entrance exam. While most colleges still require you to take either the ACT or the SAT, some schools are becoming SAT-optional in their admissions processes. Why the change? Some many believe entrance exams do not really judge how well […]

The Secret to Getting Into a Top Liberal Arts College

College Student Map

Are you hoping to get into a liberal arts college, but aren’t sure what is required? The following are general expectations of students applying to liberal arts colleges: Be Well-Rounded Yet Diverse Liberal arts colleges are more concerned about you as a world-citizen than state colleges seem to be, which means you need to show […]

Picking a Major When You Enroll – Does it Matter?

Pomona College Clocktower

One of the most frequently asked questions to high school students going off to college is: “What is your major?” For some, they have known what they want to major in since they were still in elementary school, but most students have a difficult time nailing down a decision about their future career. Many students […]

State School or Private Liberal Arts College?

UC Irvine Tour

Are you in the process of choosing a college? Aren’t sure what the difference is between state schools and private liberal arts colleges? It’s important to recognize the fact that not all colleges provide the same atmosphere, resources and educational opportunities. Of course, all of these factors vary from college to college, but there are […]