Simpson College

photo: Simpson College

Simpson College hopes that the knowledge they teach in the classroom will prepare their students for the future. To do this, Simpson College engages students in the classroom as well as encourages them to get internships and study abroad in numerous countries across the world. Simpson College differs from other colleges in that they base […]

Coe College

Photo: Coe College

Coe College encourages the development of a strong education through a close-knit community environment and support system. This school focuses on liberal studies but offers a wide variety of over 50 additional majors for students to explore. With under 1,500 students enrolled each year, Coe College offers an attention driven education style, offering a more […]

Wartburg College

photo: Wartburg College

Wartburg College is a highly regarded Lutheran liberal arts college located in the small town of Waverly, Iowa. The school emphasizes the importance of faith and leadership and constantly challenges their students to excel in their private and professional lives through the skills and lessons they learn during their time at Wartburg. History Wartburg College […]

Central College

Photo: Central College

Central College offers students a well-rounded, private four year college education based on the liberal arts emphasis and focused on scientific advancement. The school holds a strong affiliation with the Reformed Church in America, which is responsible for helping students develop solid leadership qualities both in and out of the classroom. Based on the Christian […]

Luther College

Photo: Luther College

Students that attend Luther College can take advantage of the small town community setting of the Decorah campus. Holding a strong affiliation with the Lutheran Church, the College offers students a dedicated academic and social environment that enables them to tools and resources to develop vital skills needed to reach their goals. Providing a strong […]

Cornell College

Photo:  Cornell College

Located on the ideal hilltop location, Cornell College provides students with a well-rounded education that incorporates both liberal arts and sciences with professional based program courses effectively. This enables students to develop a strong foundation in the universal liberal arts culture, while preparing themselves for the professional path of their choice. Offering many internationally recognized […]

Grinnell College

Photo: Grinnell College

  Grinnell College is popular for academic performance as well as events related with social activism. This college has obtained its reputation as a school for innovators, free thinkers and social activists due to its history in community involvement. Before the Peace Corps was established, Grinnell has a system in place called Grinnell Corps to […]

Principia College

Photo: Principia College

Principia College offers a strong community and education platform for the Christian Scientists of America. This school is dedicated to the liberal arts emphasis with a focus on science as well. Students can enjoy a rich, deep rooted education while getting involved in other studies as well, to optimize their college experience. Encouraging a strong […]